Every week I will be summarising my top 5 of all the videos I’ve tweeted or talked about online. It may be trailers, reviews, commentary or something else entirely!


Castle Story

Castle story is like Minecraft if it was a strategy game and if it was on floating islands in the sky. Me and my friend had planned to buy it about a year ago when we saw it on kickstart, but quickly realised it wouldn’t be out for a while.This game has been a long time coming and still doesn’t have a prerelease date but I shall wait!


Criken’s Fun House

I’ve showed him before and I will probably show him again. Criken is just too funny. Criken’s Fun House is basically just the funny bits from games he played with his friends and by Odin’s beard, they are funny. I am ashamed to say I watched all 8 current episodes in a row and I want moorrreee!!!


Ratchet and Clank Movie

Now I don’t have much to say apart from this is ether going to be amazing or absolutely dreadful. Ether way if they ruin my gaming memories someones house is going to get burnt down!


The Stomping Lands

This game looks incredible. A huge open landscape, multiplayer and bastarding dinosaurs! everything about it just sounds so great that im slightly sceptical that its going to happen. If it is everything I dreamed about then they can just shut the hell up and take my money!


The Forest

This barely beat The Stomping Grounds to the number one spot. The thing that pushed it above is the fact that its Minecraft on LSD. Everything is so shiny, pristine and real. If this is multiplayer then I may have to go ahead and say it looks like its going to be one of the top indie games ever. Touch wood so I don’t jinx the awesomeness.

If you enjoy these top 5 videos of the week then be sure to follow my blog as they will be up every week around the same time. If you have any suggestions about gaming videos to post or opinions on the posts themselves then be sure to leave a comment below!


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